Mom's lymphoma fight

My mom will be getting her 3rd chemo today and then she will have a PET scan to see how her cancer is being affected by the chemo. She has been trying so hard to get better, and I am so proud to call her mom. I love her very much and any prayers are appreciated. I thank God for the time I have been able to be with her while she has been fighting this Lymphoma. I know He holds the future.


Starting Over

So I've decided to start blogging again. I hid all my old posts (since I haven't done anything since 2013) and decided to start over. Alot has changed for me since I last blogged. My oldest daughter Courtney got married and I now have a 15 month old grandson, who I adore. My youngest daughter Kaylee will be entering high school this fall. My husband and I are still ministering in Pickford, Mi. My mom was diagnosed with Lymphoma in May, and has been courageously battling it since. She will be getting her 3rd chemo treatment this Tuesday. I still lovvvve to scrapbook and do it frequently, it's my therapy. I hope to start doing some challenges and sharing more of my crafty side on this blog. Well that's the quick update. Please pray for my mom on Tuesday if you think of it, I know she would appreciate it. Looking forward to getting involved online again.

Scrapping Smiles,